This useful function will allow you to "get" information in a table based off a common key.

It looks up data from the far left column by matching criteria and brings back corresponding data from different columns of that table.

Without too much text, check out the GIF to understand it's power.

We can get hung up on the different parameters and what they mean. I have included an easy to read visual explaining how to conquer that.

Parameter 1: The common link you want to match on.

Parameter 2: The table you are looking in.

Parameter 3: The index number for column you want to get.

Parameter 4: Exact or approximate match, use exact.

VLOOKUPS can save you a TON of time and effort.

If you want to link tables together, build new subset tables or just find a key piece of information quickly.

Here is a fun example to think of. You have name and zip code, how can you add in state?


Get a table with zip codes and states from the internet...

...and use a VLOOKUP to bring state into the original table by keying off of zip code.

Hopefully, I made the VLOOKUP easier for ya!

If not, please e-mail me at thomas.p.sullivan14@gmail.com and I will personally break it down.

Thanks for joining me in this!