Monthly budget template

Excel can be useful to keep track of activity and making improved decisions when looking back at the data.

This is super helpful considering Forbes magazine published

63% of Americans couldn't handle a 500$ emergency.

To break that cycle, we need to practice some savvy money habits.

And no, this does not mean get your friends to buy your beer on the weekends!

I have designed a template to combat this problem and make budgeting easier.

Take a look at the different elements of the template below...


Expense section to be populated with fixed and variable costs.


flexible income section handles up to 3 jobs


Graph that adjusts with inputs - gives bigger money picture.


A little key to make it all easier - spreadsheet is color coded.

To ensure there is no funny business, I will personally send you the template.

Please e-mail me at Thomas.P.Sullivan14@gmail.com.

Thanks and good luck!