Have you heard about "automation"?

If not, catch up!

Excel has a scripting language called VBA, Visual Basic for Applications. This VBA allows you to create stuff in Excel beyond your wildest imagination! These tools we create are called "Macros".

Today we will setup our VBA window and create our first macro!

STep 1: Set up developer tab

step 2: Save as .xlsm, open developer tab, create a new module

Step 3: Paste this macro in, save it and X out to spreadsheet

Sub Hello_World()
MsgBox "Hello World!"
End Sub

step 4: insert shape, assign macro, and see the magic!

The whole goal of this Macro is to pop up a message box saying "Hello World" on the click of a button.

One you understand the logic, you realize all Macros have some goal and need a way to run, or initiate.

Have fun exploring!