Paste special

To save time, we don't reinvent wheels every time we make a car. We reuse properties and avoid rework.

Today is a as simple as "Copy and Pasting" but it has more depth than you would think!

Today we "Copy and Paste Special"..

Paste ...

  1. Normal. This is plain old "Copy n' Paste".
  2. Formula. Only keep the formulas, numbers will update and calculate.
  3. Formula and Number Formatting. Re-use formulas and keep the numbers as is.
  4. Keep Source Formatting. This will mimic look from before.
  5. Borders. If you want to use borders as a table or template.
  6. Keep Source Column Width: So you don't have to adjust them to read data.
  7. Transpose: Rotate the data. Switch vertical with horizontal.
  8. Values. Paste just values. This is good for turning formulas to raw text values.
  9. Values and Number Formatting. Paste values and keep the numbers as is.
  10. Values and Source Formatting: Paste values and mimic look from before.
  11. Formatting. Keep the format from before, no text, values or formulas.
  12. Link. Maintain link.
  13. Picture.
  14. Linked Picture. A picture that will maintain link.